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Case Study Small Businesses
Voxalytic GmbH

With our Web Design service, our creative team took the time to understand Voxalytic's brand and found the most effective way to convey that to their audience. From strategy to implementation, we’ve found the answer.

The starup cpmpany at hte University of Karlsruhe needed a new website to show their advances in investion and development to potential partners and customers. This new website needed to have the following:

  • Product descriptions with high def inition pictures

  • Easy for all delegated staff to update and manage the site including the blog

  • Easy to use ‘Subscribe to Newsletter (E-Mag)’ System

  • The colour palette needed to be black and red. We decided to add metallic colours to enhace the tochnological aspect

  • We needed to move a lot of the content from the old site into the new site including archives

  • Be modern in appearance and mobile phone optimised.

  • There were many other feature requests that we also included.

The detailed brief was supplied to us by their Chief Financial Officer. It was an excellent brief and a joy to work to. We worked with the Sales Manager and other team members at the Institute to produce the new website.

We also provided training to those who were to update sections of the website.

The website can be viewed here:

This was a great collaborative effort. Was very enjoyable for us to produce another website for the own Consulting Firm of the CFO, Crealisatio AG

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