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Deicher Consulting GmbH

We boosted Deicher Consulting's brand identity and did not let potential customers pass by with our outstanding Web Design Team. We worked together to merge our creative visions to come up with something really spectacular.

During 2019 we were asked by Deicher Consulting GmbH to create their new website Procurement Consulting Services. This new website needed to have the following:

  • Reflect the personality of its owner: a thriatlet and negociation specialist

  • The colour palette needed to be black, white, orange and grey. We needed to match the branding style guide.

  • We needed to create a lot of the content from scratch together with the owner. Worked great with our workshops and brainstorming sessions

  • Be modern in appearance and mobile phone optimised.

  • There were many other feature requests that we also included.

We developed a project plan and set a rigorous timeline. This helped to coordinate with the large team and deliver on time, without any difficulty.

It was an excellent team work and a joy.

The website can be viewed here:

This was a great collaborative effort.

Later this year it was very enjoyable for us to produce another page for the company expansion in marketing and introduce an SEO, google analytics, monitoring system.

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