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Web Design
We design with Wix.
And we design with artists.
Yes, Wix Marketing Technologies are user-friendly tools: Websites you can self-manage, campaigns you create yourself, Google presence in a snap. 

At MDE, we combine them with cutting-edge design, artistic photography, hand-drawn illustrations, music and journalistic copy. The result is a powerful formula that allows you to make a real connection with your customers and ensure that new business is generated and sustained over time.

Entrepreneur Package

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With special dedication and care we help Entrepreneurs that want to maximize the potential of their websites. We are based in Zurich and have over 10 years of experience in web integration, e-commerce and branding. For potential clients who want to work with us, we offer a free consultation in the first phase, where we evaluate your needs and create a fruitful mutual working basis. After that, we send our analysis of the current state of your marketing with recommendations.


As a working method we offer the Marketing-Coach format or tailor-made solutions consultant services.

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