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Can't find your website on Google? Or trying to increase the number of impressions? Looking for a higher ranking on google and other search engines?

Often websites have technical problems, which can be solved with the help of an expert. In other cases a website redesign is needed to improve the navigation and user experience. Also the content strategy and offline SEO could be the source of the problem. 

With an in-depth analysis we can identify these issues. Normally we make a report with suggestions to our clients, and together we decide which part the client wants to solve himself and where he prefers to do it with our support or delegate it to us

Here are some examples of the results achieved for our clients through our activities in online, offline and technical SEO.

SEO Comparison before after - Online Shop.jpg

MDE Consulting

SEO Improvement impressions.jpg

MDE Consulting

SEO Improvement UX.jpg

MDE Consulting

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