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Why is it so difficult for a woman to find a webdesigner?

Branding that reflects your soul

In October 2022 I received the highest score a wix partner agency can receive. I am now an Icon, and I can enjoy different benefits, but above all, the signet is a recognition from wix for repeated quality work with hundreds of projects and clients.

Amazingly, the last 100 points I had to earn to get to that level, I did with the creation of an online program for a women's company located close to where I live and work. Two women, who successfully run courses on nutrition and healthy lifestyle wanted to add special features, like a chat, booking and online payments for the course starting in 10 days. The first good thing they found was wix. The second, help. Thanks to the easy ascend tools, I could setup everything over one night.

But they were not the only ones. They were the fifth in a string of women entrepreneurs who contacted me to help them with their marketing plan, their business strategy and their website. The fact is, that I have been working purely and exclusively with women for more than two months.


This led me to think. Are women's businesses different, special? Why are they feeling relief when they find me, after searching for months for the right designer? That's what they todl me:

- "We started working with an IT expert, a horror, really a disaster. We tried wordpress, squarespace, everything and the torture was getting worse and worse. Until we came across wix and you. The seemingly impossible task list for our online courses was done in one night! We can start our course!

. "I've been trying for a long time to get a designer to understand my style, but it's impossible. I want my subtle and delicate paintings to be reflected in the image of my brand. And of course, also on my website. The chosen design is exactly what I wanted!"

- "Ah yes, exactly what I wanted. You've hit the nail on the head with my taste. And technically, I finally have my inventory under control".

Offering services and products on a website designed in a dry, technical, abstract even tasteless style can ruin the excitement of the journey. Like when you get on a man's bike, you can ride, it's practical & fun, It can take you from A to B, but it's uncomfortable and you don't feel like yourself.


Women are emotional and need harmony, but we are also often a whirlwind of ideas and need the flexibility and independence to be able to change what we need.

The typography, colours and structure of the website have to be subtle and reflect harmony. But even more important, and this is where many get confused, is that aesthetics should not override technique. A flawless functioning with an easy to manage form are indispensable.

Bright ideas can come in the middle of the night, or on holiday in the mountains. With good training and easy-to-use software, changes can follow our creativity, not the other way around.

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