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With special dedication and care we help entrepreneurs who want to maximise their potential. We are based in Zurich and have more than 10 years of experience in web integration, e-commerce and branding.

We offer a free consultation to assess your needs and create a mutually fruitful working basis. As a working method we offer the Marketing-Coach format or tailor-made solution consulting services.

It's about following a dream and being courageous, and it's also about planning and using the right technology to grow in a sustainable way.

How do business ideas come true?


Marketing Plan

Setting the Business Strategy & Goals

The first step on the road to success is to define your objectives, audience and competitors. A professional plan is essential.


Branding & Website

Enhance your Image and create a Brand

Great design, professional logos, artistic photografy catching texts. Enhance your USP and reach your audience. Get found on Google with SEO  


Smart Technology

Move your business with Ascend by WIX

Get found on Google, SEO  Newsletters, Social Media Automation, Video Creation, Online Shops, Courses, Bookings and Online Progamms



Social Media, Ads & more

Focus on the achievement of your goals with a smart campaign and a combination of Blogs, Social Media, Videos, e-Books.


Sign up to our yearly Event

A working lunch between entrepreneurs is a very fruitful way to connect. In an international environment I bring my clients together once a year as I see that they all have a lot in common!

Sign up and you will receive information as soon as we have an event planned. 

We would love to have you for our next event!

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